Joanna is passionate about exploring tasty and simple vegetarian and plant-based dishes. She began experimenting with recipes in her early 20’s when she moved out of her family home. Her goal has always been to be able to make tasty dishes without spending hours in the kitchen. On top of her passion for cooking, she also enjoys reducing stress in her life being organised as possible.

Joanna started her vegetarian journey at 18 and has also explored a plant-based diet for a number of years before going back to vegetarianism. As she completed university and moved into the professional life, she began working as an operating theatre nurse and then moved into an account executive role in the medical sales industry. Joanna found that working in careers with irregular hours, she couldn’t dedicate as much time as she wanted to cooking every evening. Very often she found it challenging to find the time to go food shopping as it can take lot of time. Coming up with dinner ideas after a 12-hour day shift was also tricky and with a lack of planning in place, it was easier to fall into a bad habit of ordering take-away food or quick oven dinners.

Joanna believed that organisation, planning and simplicity is key to staying meal focused, less stressed and resourceful. She also believes less is more in terms of what we surround ourselves with. As a result, she regularly started developing new systems and began testing out tasty and simple recipes that helps her stay organised and enjoy delicious home-made meals during her busy working week. She wants to share her passion for an organised, tasty and simple lifestyle with you and help you create the delicious food, plan your meals and get the most out for your time through organisation and planning.